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Your beloved shepherd captured for life...

“German Shepherds of Australia Publication” will be the first Coffee Table Dog Book of its kind dedicated to the German Shepherd breed and will become a significant fundraiser for German Shepherd Rescue Victoria helping Dogs in need!

Shining a beautiful light on German Shepherd Dogs will be the main premise of our book, we do this by telling THEIR inspiring stories from the “Owners Perspective” which makes this very special.

$25,000 is our goal to fundraise for “German Shepherd Rescue Victoria” giving hope to dogs in need. This feat is achieved through the generous participants in our book. 

100% of donations go towards helping rehabilitate displaced and abused German Shepherds then finding and ultimately matching them with fur-ever homes ❤️

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A World Class -
 Coffee Table Dog Book!

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So… why not join us on this adventure with your awesome Bear-Cub?
Join us to reach our goal to fundraise $25,000 for “German Shepherd Rescue Victoria”!
100% of your donations goes towards helping rehabilitating displaced and abused German Shepherd Dogs and finding their fur-ever homes.
We are making the best German Shepherd coffee table book ever! 
The book is HUGE! 320mm x 320mm hard cover size - 250 pages (approx) with each full page gleming with a beautiful photograph of each German Shepherd Family including a narrative of their stories and wonderful stories that matter!

Does your Floof have Fur-Modelling potential?

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"German Shepherds of Australia" is in exclusive partnership with -

German Shepherd Rescue Victoria


 Help us reach our goal to fundraise $25,000

At German Shepherd Rescue Victoria we believe our dogs are significant family members and we wish to give back to our loyal best-friends by helping homeless and sick dogs in community. 100% of the participation fee for our initiative is directly donated to German Shepherd Rescue Victoria, who to date has re-homed over 900 German Shepherds!

Our coffee-table book initiative will be responsible in raising over $25,000 dedicated for “German Shepherd Rescue Victoria”, exclusively! Our goal is to create an awareness of sick, displaced and abused German Shepherds in community, to promote and foster care, re-homing of German Shepherds and to celebrate this sweet loving breed in a beautiful visual stimulating German Shepherd dedicated publication - German Shepherds of Australia!

How it all works.

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Ange McLaren
President & Founder of German Shepherd Rescue Victoria

I cannot speak highly enough of the incredible effort, professionalism & impeccable quality of work Simon shows to his clients. My story was a very sad one, I had gone to the vet with my beloved 10.5yo love of my life German Shepherd Georgie Girl thinking I was getting antibiotics for her as she wasn’t well. She was rushed into emergency surgery & found to be riddled with cancer & only days to live. To say I was in shock, devastated & overwhelmed with grief was an understatement.
I rang Simon as I wanted to have a last photo shoot with her before she died & time was of the essence. After finding out my situation, Simon, exhausted himself, rushed off a plane from interstate dealing with his own family tragedy, drove miles to my house to take Georgie & my last photo shoot together.
The day was a horrible, overcast day. Simon had to deal with a mum in utter despair, a very sick little Doggy who was trying her very best, and Simon dealing with the pressure of knowing Georgie was dying & this would be the last photo shoot she would ever have.
The photos that followed were absolute artistry in exceptionally difficult circumstances. The gift Simon gave me with shooting these exquisite photos means to me than words could ever express. His kindness shown to me during this excruciating time was immeasurable.
Words will never be able to thank you enough Simon. You are not just an artist with exceptional talent, but a very kind man with a beautiful soul which reflects in your work.
Thank you for my treasured memories of my Georgie Girl Simon ❤️

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Penny & Gordon

We spent the morning with Simon at his studio with my bouncy 20 month old GSD, Gordon. Simon did a brilliant job in getting some amazing shots of Gordon. An experience I highly recommend and we will definitely do an update shoot when Gordon gets a brother or sister down the track! Thanks! ❤️

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Kaitlin & Kaden

Took up an amazing opportunity to participate in the book German Shepherds of Australia and raise money for German Shepherd Rescue Victoria. From the model interview right through to the photo shoot Simon and his team were a pleasure to work with, both Kaden and I had lots of fun during the photo shoot. The photos are absolutely stunning and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product of the book. Thank You ❤️